This week’s podcast touches on a number of topics including a review of Berkshire Hathaway’s recent shareholder letter and Warren Buffet’s dissatisfaction with Berkshire’s railroad and utility asset. Next, they have a conversation about the Canadian bank results and what their CEO’s are saying about the Canadian economy. The feature discussion is on Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ) where Barry and Ernest give investors food for thought on how to value CNQ differently.

0:00: Intro

2:09: What to do in a bull market:

5:12: Berkshire Annual Letter

9:22: Reviewing Berkshire’s under-performing assets

16:29: Letting your winners compound:

18:29: Why National Bank is outperforming:

21:44: The big picture for Canadian banks:

23:33: CNQ has reached its debt target – now what?

25:49: The math for CNQ

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