Historical Performance – to February 29, 2024

Baskin Strategy Performance

Prior to January 1, 2019, Baskin Wealth Management managed each portfolio with a high degree of customization so prior performance was presented as a single consolidated return of all managed accounts. As this calculation requires a full explanation, it is not posted below but is available upon request by clicking here.

Beginning in January 2019, performance was calculated by combining all fully managed fee paying accounts over a minimum threshold and following similar strategies. For more information on the calculation, please read the notes below the table.

Return periods greater than one year have been annualized. The Strategy performance is calculated after all fees and expenses.

Strategy 1 year 3 year 5 year 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Maximum Growth 32.1% 11.9% 13.4% 29.8% -20.5% 25.4% 15.1% 24.2%
Long-Term Growth 25.7% 9.6% 11.1% 24.2% -18.2%  21.6% 12.8% 21.2%
Balanced Growth 20.4% 8.0% 9.1% 19.7% -15.5%  18.7% 9.3% 18.7%
Balanced 12.8% 5.4% 6.5% 13.2% -12.9% 15.7% 7.3% 13.9%

Baskin Pool Performance

Performance for the pools is before investment management fees but after expenses paid within each pool.

Pool 1 year 3 year 2023 2022 2021 2020 Inception
Baskin Growth Equity Pool 34.6% 13.0% 32.1% -20.9% 26.2% N/A 02/23/2021
Baskin Fixed Income Pool 5.1% 1.1% 5.6% -5.3% 2.3% 5.3% 01/21/2020

Baskin Wealth Management is the Trustee and Manager of the Baskin Fixed Income Pool and Baskin Growth Equity Pool (the “Pools”). Units of the Pools are offered only to discretionary managed clients of Baskin Wealth Management that are residents of Canada where Baskin Wealth Management is registered. The information made available is not intended to provide investment advice or solicit sales of the Pools.

Important Information – Strategy Performance Calculation

Target asset allocation for each strategy

*Income – 4% Cash; 91% Fixed Income; 5% Equities

*Income Plus – 4% Cash; 78% Fixed Income; 18% Equities

*Balanced Income – 4% Cash; 63% Fixed Income; 33% Equities

Balanced – 4% Cash; 48% Fixed Income; 48% Equities

Balanced Growth – 4% Cash; 33% Fixed Income; 63% Equities

Long-Term Growth – 4% Cash; 18% Fixed Income; 78% Equities

Maximum Growth – 4% Cash; 3% Fixed Income; 93% Equities

*Note – These strategies have not had clients following them at all times so the returns cannot be calculated over continuous periods.

Performance calculation

Portfolio performance is calculated using a time-weighted methodology with daily valuations and linked to calculate monthly performance. The performance for each strategy is then calculated by asset-weighting the individual portfolio returns monthly.

All non-margin fee-paying portfolios with over $250,000 as at month end and fully managed by Baskin Wealth Management are included in the performance calculation.

A new portfolio will be included in the group as of the first full month under management while a closed portfolio will be included up to the last full month for which it was fully managed. Similarly, if a portfolio changes strategy, its performance will be included in the first full month under the new strategy.

Performance presented above is in Canadian dollars and after all fees including the Baskin Wealth Management investment management fee and all custodial costs.

Past performance, including the illustrations of Baskin Wealth Management performance over the past periods, is not indicative of future performance and no representation, express or implied, is made that the individual managed accounts in future years will achieve similar results.

Baskin Pool Funds – Financial Statements

Click here to view the Pool Fund Financial Statements.