Alera Group Solutions provides services that will test your website through a Focus Group.  This will be invaluable for you to determine the effectiveness of your website and possible changes you might want to make. We offer focus group feedback on website design, navigation and overall impressions. It's a great way to test what is working on your site and what is not.   We offer three (3) separate tests:

  • Click Test  This test is used for testing first impressions and landing pages. Respondents click on compelling areas of your web page. A custom instruction is developed to the respondent group, for example, where would you click to contact us? A report is compiled into a visual map, as well as data showing the average time spent on the page.
  •  Navigational Test  This test is used for testing interfaces and conversion funnels. Respondents are given instructions to perform a task and how to do it. For example, how would you book a hotel on this web page? Invisible spot areas are placed on the page to gage the success of position of the click. Respondents click on the navigation, up to 5 pages. A report will be given showing respondent success rate, failure rate, abandon rate and total time to complete.
  • Impression Test  This test is used for testing first impressions and feedback. Popular subjects to test include your design, your products or your services. Up to 5 custom questions are developed based on your requirements; from measuring brand awareness, and first impressions, to gathering specific information, or areas for improvement, etc. A report will be given complied with all written responses and average time respondents spent on the site.

Contact us for more detail on conducting these test on your website and costs.


Many times it is very helpful to have the Sales and Operations of your company reviewed and commented on by actual prospective companies.  Alera Group Solutions will assemble a team of persons (Potential Customers) from companies who might be a purchaser of your products and a services.  These are people who will look at the Sales and Operations of your company as if they were going to be customers.  This Customer Focus Group will review your entire sales and marketing efforts as if they were buyers, and generate a report with specific comments and suggestions for improvement.

For a reasonable investment our customers enjoy a complete review of your Sales and Operations from potential customers.

For more information about this service please contact us.
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