Alera Group Solutions maintains an extensive Database of full contact information of potentially interested customers in the Training and eLearning and Human Resources Industries.   Alera Group Solutions applies these contact in direct support of our customers sales efforts by sending out email campaigns for our customers.  These email campaigns can be sent in any quantity desired.  Alera Group Solutions will also provide the following services;

  • Develop the email to be sent out
  • Manage the entire email campaign including email copywriting, campaign management and reporting
  • Provide a full contact information Report to our customer of all persons who responded to the email campaign

For a small investment our customers enjoy a significant number of new potential customers. Alera Group Solutions has services to meet all budgets.


Alera Group Solutions creates custom lists of contact for our customers.   These lists contain all contact information and are owned by our customers to use as often as they want to and in any way that they want to.   These custom lists of contact are draw from a source of over 23 million contacts from over 4 million companies.  The contact information is continually kept up to date, and the list is guaranteed to be only actual live contacts.  These lists are created and delivered at a very reasonable cost.  Contact us for a list of search criteria, and specific costs.


For more information about this service please contact us.
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