A number of our customers need more than qualified leads, more than qualified opportunities, they need more revenue generated.  Alera Group Solutions is experienced at working the entire sales process from cold lead to contract signed.  Most of our customers would like to be able to have a full time Business Development person as part of their company.  However since they are a small business they do not have the resources to obtain a full time staff person.  Alera Group Solutions functions as if they were a part of our customers staff, but provides that service on a financial commitment level that our customers are comfortable with.  The services Alera Group Solutions provide in Generating Revenue are;

  • Generation of Leads
  • Generation of Qualified Opportunities
  • Introducing the Qualified Opportunities to our customers products and services
  • Working through the Qualified Opportunities needs/wants/objections and establishing a proposal
  • Track the proposal to closure and turning over the contract to our customer

For a modest investment our customers enjoy a significant number of new customers.  Alera Group Solutions has services to meet all budgets.

For more information about this service please contact us.
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