Because of the large database that Alera Group Solutions maintains, we are able to generate a significant number of Qualified Opportunities for our customers.  This effort may be a continuation of the results of the Email Campaigns or a separate effort.

Often a number of the persons who may respond to the email campaign are not fully qualified as potential customers.  Alera Group Solutions will contact all who responded to the email campaigns and using traditional sales techniques, determine if the person is a qualified potential customer.  For those that are qualified Alera Group Solutions will establish a meeting for our customer’s staff with the potential customer.

Often we are asked to establish Face to Face meeting with potential customers without an email campaign.  Using the extensive database of potential customers, Alera Group Solutions will contact potential customers and engage them in a dialog about the services and products offered.  If it appears to be a good match a Face to Face meeting is scheduled.

For a modest investment our customers enjoy a significant number of new meetings with potential customers. Alera Group Solutions has services to meet all budgets.

For more information about this service please contact us.
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